Best Inexpensive Vacuum Cleaner Under $200 Reviews

Like many people, you also want to save some dough on your buying’s when it comes to the home or kitchen appliances. Cutting down costs is what everyone wishes and since today’s topic revolves around home cleaning, vacuum cleaner is a must have. It’s quite normal that your likability towards a product is further enhanced when there are quality products at economical options.

A person immediately opts for a reasonably priced article that is loaded with features and functions. To get a high quality vacuum cleaner, you don’t need to spend millions as for people who are low on budgets can go for these inexpensive vacuum cleaners under $200. Yes, they are available and work great. In fact, they have an amazing suction power, clean stairs, upholsteries, ceilings and hidden crevices without getting stuck.

It seems overwhelming having to choose from endless products so we have picked the best 5 vacuum cleaners under $200. We have got you all covered, make the smartest decision by investing in one of these units and get a spotless home. To ease you more, we suggest Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional vacuum cleaner given its astounding performance. Plus, the HEPA filtration system is mind blowing to keep the surroundings clean. Let’s dig deep in the detailed review of different vacuum cleaners:

Best Inexpensive Vacuum Cleaner Under $200

RankNameRatingsPriceHEPA filtersSwivel steeringPet brushDiscount Link

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E


Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum (HV301PL)


ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Cleanview 1831+Pet Hair Eraser Hand Vac

4.3/5$Multi level

Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner


No.1 Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E


  • Suck large crumbs, debris and dirt
  • Extremely powerful suction
  • HEPA filtration to remove allergens
  • Portable


  • The hose is not very long causing the vacuum to tip over easily

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Shark Vacuums have always surpassed the expectations of the consumers and with this professional product, it has once again proved to be the most versatile company. This upright vacuum comes with a 2 in 1 lift away technology that allows you to detach the canister and clean the hard to reach areas. Surprisingly, this one has HEPA filtration to remove the allergens from the carpets and hardwood floors.

Also, because it has a completely sealed system, trapping dust and dirt is easier. Other highlight includes the cyclonic and bagless design that is a perfect feature to make it easy for you taking the machine anywhere. With a 30 feet long cord, it incredibly cleans the ceiling fans, upholstery, stairs and furniture items etc. Thanks to its dust away hard floor attachment which keeps the hard floors shiny and the brush roll shutoff makes sure to clean the carpets and bare floor effectively.

For asthma patients, this machine is highly recommended given the pet power brush that clears away pet hair from carpets. Other than that, the dustbin mouth is at the bottom also to clear the debris without coming in contact with the allergens. Isn’t it a great product under $180?

No.2 Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum (HV301PL)


  • Swivel steering technology
  • 1 washable microfiber pad
  • Featured with fingertip controls
  • Dust away hard floor attachment


  • The canister needs to be emptied regularly
  • Doesn’t have a wide cleaning path

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The brand name Shark is enough to let you buy this ultra light upright vacuum. It shares many similar features with the previous model but a few notable differences are there. At less than 8 pounds, this unit can be converted into a hand vacuum to deliver versatile floor to ceiling cleaning. This is a suitable option to pick up large debris and fine dust from the floors with the dust away hard floor attachment. With the swivel steering, you can move freely in any direction as it lends an excellent control and easy manoeuvre.

Featured with no loss suction technology, it allows easy switching from hard floors to carpets. With the use of fingertip controls, the cleaning becomes extremely easy. The controls are conveniently located at the ease of fingertips on the handle. It offers two storage options by which the dust cup can be fixed at the bottom of the wand and also secured to the wall mount.

It is equipped with micro tools that allows you to clean everything i.e. cars, stairs, upholstery, under furniture and bed. To clean hardwood floors, it is featured with 1 washable microfiber pad which delivers outstanding floor cleaning. This vacuum is well crafted and powerful than its counterparts. You can invest in this unit as the price is pretty affordable but keep in mind that it may not be the best choice to clean the whole premises.

No.3 ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner


  • Multiple cleaning mode
  • Economical
  • Tangle free roller brush
  • 140 minutes battery running time


  • Require manual help sometimes
  • Don’t do curtains

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ILIFE A4S is another amazing go to cleaner for all your house cleaning related problems. This one is ideal to clean under beds, sofas, and multiple floor types. While Shark has been capturing the market with its smart vacuums, ILIFE has been launching multipurpose vacuum cleaners which work wonders at affordable prices. Featured with 3 step cleaning system, it has a strong suction to offer thorough cleaning of the house. Plus, it starts its job at the set time and returns back to the docking station to recharge when battery drains out after an extreme clean up. Although not suitable for high piled carpets, yet it is one of the smartest choices to make ever.

To stop it from falling off the stairs or bumping, the multiple smart sensors have got it all covered. Other than that, this unit extracts out the dirt from even the hidden areas where other vacuums lack behind. Since it is a robot vacuum, you can just sit back and relax while it does the cleaning itself using the superior battery which offers up to 140 minutes of cleaning time. Avail the programmable scheduling when you are not at home!

No.4 Cleanview 1831+Pet Hair Eraser Hand Vac


  • Cyclonic system is efficient
  • One pass technology offers quick cleaning
  • Multi level filtration to clean the air of allergens
  • Easy to clean tight spaces with crevice tool


  • Not so good for fine dust particles
  • Durability factor is a major concern for some

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Cleanview is a top notch pet hair removal hand vac that is designed to perfection. Crafted by experts, Cleanview brings the innovative technology ahead by offering Onepass feature. Available at an amazing price, this unit lends powerful suction and latest brush design to clean the debris on any surface. Since it is a handheld vacuum, you don’t have to bend while cleaning which keeps the back safe from strains.

With its Onepass technology, no need to wipe off the same area again and again to clean the dust. Instead, just with one stroke, all the dirt is gone. The multi cyclonic suction offers a hassle free clean up by capturing dirt in the bin effectively. For a deeper clean, the motorized foot provides powerful suction and the multi level filtration keeps allergens at bay.

You will also get to clean the stairs, furniture and upholstery while this vac cleans all the areas wherever you’re pet goes. With the help of crevice tool, it is easy to go under and reach the tight spaces where other vacuums find it hard. To buff up the carpets and hard floors, this handheld vac is all you want if you don’t want to compromise on quality and it will not affect your budget either.

No.5 Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner


  • HEPA style filter for pet fur
  • 3 in 1 cleaning
  • 900 ml dustbin
  • Durable protective bumpers


  • The smart sensors prevent the vac to move forward when it detects black color
  • No WiFi connectivity

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Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner is manufactured with smart and intelligent features which give an ultimate cleaning experience to a person. This vac has the most convenient technology to keep the carpets and hard floors clean without much ado. With 2 side brushes, this unit cleans the area perfectly. The V shaped rolling brush and water tank work in accordance to clean, sweep and vacuum the places you want. Also, it provides wet dry mopping by extracting the dust and then mopping the surface to make it all clean.

Save the vac from falling off with the smart sensors and avoid bumping with its durable protective bumpers. If while cleaning, the battery gets low, it automatically gets back to the docking station to get recharged to resume the job. The extra large dustbin goes a long way and you don’t have to empty it often as it can hold a day’s worth of dust. With its programmable scheduling feature, it is easy for daily clean while you do your other home chores.

Depending on how you want your Deik robot vac to clean, its 5 stage cleaning modes can be adjusted accordingly. As it is featured with anti spill dustbin, it prevents debris spillage while emptying the dustbin. Plus, its high efficiency filtration system offers hygienic air in the surroundings to keep you healthy. Grab the best deal!

What to consider when buying an inexpensive vacuum under $200?

At a low price, you might not get all the features but these things are must to ponder upon.

Filtration method

Since the heavily priced vacuums contain this technology but if you get multi level or HEPA filtration, it would be a win-win situation. This technology is helpful for allergy sufferers or asthma patients.

Cord length

The price doesn’t matter much here. It is essential to buy a vac having a good cord length so that you can reach extended areas without keeping on moving to and fro.


While the effectiveness of the vacs depends on the type of brushes, make sure that the brush material is able to withstand long hours of heavy vacuuming on thick carpets.

Suction power

The most important factor to consider is the suction power. You should definitely look for a vacuum that has a desirable suction technology to wipe off the dirt, dust or debris in one go without losing control.


The vacuum cleaners come with different features, latest technology, and unique designs so the price also is different. They might have few things in common but they are not same. Perhaps, the desire always is to spend less and expect outstanding features but is that possible? Yes, it is!

In this list of best inexpensive vacuum cleaner under $200, the clear winner is Shark Navigator lift away professional. It is loaded with award winning features to keep the house clean, remove the allergens and fit easily in your house. Cleanview and Deik have mind blowing performance with HEPA filtration system and powerful suction power. Last but not the least, Shark rocket definitely is in the best sellers given its functioning and of course, the price.

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