Dyson V6 Cord Free Vacuum Review

A product like vacuum cleaner comes handy when you have to clean the house. As much as you want to have it around, buying the wrong product is extremely regretting. It is because of the high costs of these products.

Dyson is a renowned name in vacuum cleaners that has given some of the spectacular products to the customers. Be it the amazing suction, the HEPA filtration or the spectacular accessories, every component of Dyson products are extremely praise-worthy.

Dyson D6 is a cord free version in sleek profile. The machine has got every solution to your needs. It does the job perfectly as it cleans every area of the house effortlessly.

After doing thorough research on the product, we bring you Dyson V6 cord free vacuum review in which we will discuss the design and features along with the strengths and pitfalls of this machine.


This vacuum is available in different colours. However, it has got a sleek stick with two different heads. The machine looks extremely lightweight and very attractive.

Let’s first start with the soft roller which is capable of drawing fine dirt and debris from the hard floor. Please note that hard floor is very difficult to clean. It direly requires a strong performing brush roll that can clean the place effectively. To satisfy your needs, this model has got the right brush to clean different floor settings.

For carpets, this model features direct drive cleaner head that make its way between carpet bristles. It takes out the embedded dirt and debris from the carpet, giving it fresh and cleaner look.

For all the confined areas, the machine has got aluminium wand that gets inside the difficult to reach areas and take out the hidden dirt. Also, it helps in cleaning the ceilings and walls of the house.

The machine has got a docking station where you can keep all the attachments and also charge it when not in use. A quick recap- the machine has got mini-motorized tool for the stringent jobs, crevice tool and the soft brush for hard floor and delicate areas. The single-push bin is extremely helpful in emptying the bin when you are done cleaning.

You need to charge the machine for approximately 3 and half hours and it will give you 20 minutes of continual cleaning along with 6 minutes of enhanced high-power suction supply for the tough jobs.


In this Dyson V6 cord free vacuum review, we would like to proceed with the features of this amazing product.

Cord-less Designer Model

Well, this model has created an unforgettable impression on the users. It is not like an ugly heavy-bodied machine that is difficult to take from one place to other. But this machine has got beautiful sleek body. It is a cord-free model which extremely light in weight and can be carried everywhere. You can even take this machine to your car and clean it.

This model looks like an innovative gadget as it stands proudly in your house. It will not deter the contemporary looks of your house. The designing is done thoughtfully and to impress its buyers.

Smart Start & Clean Time

Unlike its counterparts, this model has got power trigger instead of on/off button. You have to push the trigger in order to process the machine. This feature is ideally to ensure that you don’t leave the machine on and the battery is not hampered.

Due to this feature, you can enjoy extended cleaning time from this machine. If you are using the general power settings then the machine will work longest whereas if you have switched the enhanced mode on then the cleaning time will decrease simultaneously.

Considering the petite cleaning time of this machine, it is suitable for smaller households.

Two-Tier Radial Cyclone

The performance of every vacuum cleaner can be determined from the kind of suction it has. After all, the task is accomplished only with the help of suction.

This model is equipped with two-tier radial cyclone technology with two tiers that work parallel to multiply the airflow and does the job in a better and refined way.

This technology makes Dyson D6 an amazing product to buy.

Dirt Cup

This model is equipped with 0.4 litre dirt cup which is sufficient enough to accommodate dirt and debris from the entire house in single cleaning. There is no need to take frequent trips to the bin in order to empty the dirt bag.

Also, as we have mentioned earlier, the dirt bag as well is not created to accommodate the dirt of larger homes. It will be suitable for the smaller houses only.

Handheld & With Wand

This machine readily transforms to the handheld version which can be taken to different areas of the house for cleaning. Also, its low profile can slip below the upholstery and confined places of the house and clean them.

At the same time, you can use additional accessories to increase the reach of this model. The silver wand is used to clean the ceilings, walls, and areas above your head.

Docking System

As we mentioned it before, this model will not hamper the look of your house. It comes with a docking system where it rests for the entire time when it is not in use.

You can simply put it to charge along with its accessories and take it whenever you need to clean the house.


This machine has got various pros that will attract you towards it.

  • The docking system is great for storage. It keeps the machine stored and kept at one place where it is charged and assembled when it is not put to use.
  • This model is extremely lightweight and does not pose any pressure on your back as you clean the floor. It is ideal for the people with back condition.
  • Many people have concerns about the hard floor cleaning but the soft brush that comes with this model is great with hard floors.


Technically, we haven’t found any con in this machine other than the fact that it is not suitable for larger houses. It has small capacity that will satisfy the needs of smaller households.

Should You Buy This?

With all said above, it is clear that this is a powerful machine that will suit your needs. But is it really ideal for the bigger houses? Well, we would say no. The cleaning time of the machine is less and it can only clean smaller households in one charge.

Also, considering the fact that it takes 3 ½ hours to get fully charged, you will not be able to wait so long for another cleaning session.

The brush tools and other accessories that come with this model are extremely amazing. There is no question on the performance of the machine, other than the cleaning time. If you good with that then this product can be your ideal purchase.


To conclude Dyson V6 cord free vacuum review, we would like to say that this model is extremely impressive in terms of design and features.

You may feel the cost a little much but trust us, you will get back performance for every penny spent.

It has got spectacular designing that will suit the ambience of a contemporary house. You can fearlessly make purchase and will never have to regret it.

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