Dyson V7 Motorhead Cord Free Vacuum Review

Dyson is a top-notch brand that emerged into the mainstream with its upright vacuums, capable of efficient cleaning. Dyson has always cleaned beyond expectations and this model i.e. V7 is a cord free vacuum cleaner which has become a sensation due to its amazing feature list. As compared to the other brands of same price, Dyson takes away all the attention.

With Dyson vacuums, you need not worry about anything as V7 has been designed specifically to meet your expectations. As you may know, this brand has turned the market upside down, the products are really amazing. This latest line of cord free vacuums come with a handful of features that clean your house, office and your cars with utmost efficiency. Light, balanced, superb tools and attachments, great suction power, pet hair cleaning are few features this Dyson V7 beats in an amazing way.

The cordless vacuums are easy to use and hold while cleaning and they provide excellent suction given their fade free lithium ion batteries. Let’s start with the details of this vacuum and see how it performs:


Dyson V7 comes in a beautiful fuchsia color, further highlighted with bright purple. Its shiny gray accent makes it look stunning while cleaning and add up to the visual statement. Dyson is a showstopper when it comes to appearance and performance and this unit is no less. Very easy to clean any surface like cars, offices and homes, this upright vacuum is quite lightweight and versatile. Perfect for cleaning, Dyson is engineered to pick up ground in dirt and dust in a hassle free manner.


So no surprise that the V7 works brilliantly on any surface, it is quiet and safe also while using. Let’s dig deep into the feature list:

Cord free, hassle free

Dyson V7 creates powerful suction and significantly boosts it to get around a medium sized room in one go. Crafted to perfection, this unit is great for quick spills and you will really be surprised at the performance it delivers at the time of cleaning. Get your job done in a hassle free manner with its wireless design that enables you to move freely from room to room without getting tangled in the cord. Although it is little, yet the vacuuming it does is appreciable.

30 minutes run time

Dyson has a powerful battery power for fade free suction that allows it to clean for up to 30 minutes. Since the battery power is used only while cleaning, it delivers an amazing running time. Also, the unit is lightweight for easy home cleaning and the instant release trigger is incredible. To use it for the first time, you need to charge it for at least 3.5 hours.

Deep cleans carpets and floors

A powerful unit, it is equipped with stiff nylon bristles to extract out the embedded dirt and dust from the carpets. Since all the Dyson cord free vacuums are convertible to a handheld, you can clean anywhere around the edges, walls, ceilings and upholstery where it is difficult to reach otherwise. To remove grounded dirt and pet hair, it is equipped with pet cleaning facility that works well on furniture and tight areas. Additionally, it deep cleans the surface using direct drive cleaner head that works for up to 6 minutes in fade free power in max mode.

Docking station

Featured with docking station, it is convenient to store and hold the additional attachments that come with this unit. Since the storage part is tough, Dyson has made it easy by providing a docking station. Also, it is pretty easy to charge the machine by putting it on the station and wait for it to get recharged to resume the incomplete cleaning. Get ready for the house cleaning campaign with the help of Dyson V7.

Hygienic bin emptying

As the name says, Dyson V7 frees you from the problem of emptying the bin with your hands. As there is a button with which you just need to push it to get the debris out of the bin, Dyson takes care of your hygiene really well. The bin volume is 0.14 gallons that can hold a good amount of debris inside before you step forward to empty it. What’s more, no need to touch the dirt at all!

Low profile head

Manufactured after taking few basic things in consideration, Dyson is the perfect match for small houses. The areas like furniture, sofas and couches are hard to clean due to their low placement where this unit performs splendidly. It reaches under such areas quite easily as the making is especially done using a low profile head. Getting around your home and the car interiors is possible with this little fuchsia unit that also uplifts the appearance of your house.

2 tier radial cyclones

Its 2 tier radial cyclones are the latest addition which work in parallel to increase airflow and grab finest particles that usually other vacuums fail to. Trapping fine dust particles and pet hair is easy with Dyson V7.


  • Cord free for hassle free cleaning
  • Light in weight to make it easy to move around the house
  • Great suction power
  • Powerful battery that lasts up to 30 minutes


  • The handle is not comfortable to hold for long

Should you buy this?

Are you a first time buyer of Dyson or already have used V6 and V8 models? Well, that’s quite a situation! Dyson V7 totally depends on the versatility and convenience of the user as it delivers awesome performance with handsome design, amazing structure and well-to-do pet hair tools. Plus the features are also on the higher pool where the only flaw is that the suction power is relatively low if you compare it with V6 and V8. Being a first time user, the suction power is really satisfactory but for longer running times, it is a little low. If you want great cleaning power, we would suggest going for Dyson V8 as it packs a bigger bunch under short time. Although Dyson V7 is not to miss owing to the performance and price, it’s suction power can bother you a little if you are a cleanliness freak and want to get the job done really fast. Perhaps, V7 is the best lightweight handheld unit on the market today.


If you need a vacuum cleaner to clean the whole apartment, floors, ceilings, stairs, cars, office, then Dyson V7 is undoubtedly the best pick. Talking about the performance, it is one of the best sellers and when compared to V6, it is an absolute game. On the other hand, due to its small size, it takes longer to vacuum the floor and given the fact that it is larger than a typical handheld, it is challenging to store it on the right mounting spot. Although its fuchsia color looks beautiful, yet not everyone likes such colors especially if it is a male owner.

Overall, Dyson V7 is a smart buy but make sure to check all your requirements before buying a vacuum cleaner even if it’s V7.

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