Eufy RoboVac 11+ Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

While shopping for robot vacuums, you have to spend nearly around $500 to get the preferred model you have probably wanted. The most popular brands which deal with robot vacuums are Roomba and Neato, however, they are expensive for the beginners. Also, the top model of Roomba costs about $800 which not everyone can spend. So here is good news as you don’t have to spend even $500 for a robot vacuum but just a small amount under $230 for Eufy Robovac 11+. Not only does this model is economical, it also has the same kind of functionality.

Eufy is a newcomer to the vacuum cleaner industry and with its finest and affordable launches, it has been making waves. For people who cannot afford buying the huge brands, Eufy is a much cheaper option to own a robotic vacuum. Although this model won’t have any fancy navigation, it surely will do the job pretty well. Robovac 11+ is a new addition after Robovac 11 so is featured with almost the same features but with better run time and longer battery life. Let’s jump in the design section to see how it is crafted.


The Eufy Robovac 11+ robot vacuum cleaner is created with a sleek black modern design that looks beautiful. It is a round vacuum cleaner with large rounded bumper to protect itself while cleaning your space. The top has the logo printed in silver letter with a simple on/off button. Additionally, it has a dust collector release button to allow you to access the dust cup and filter where the bottom has two rubber wheels for easy manoeuvring. While the front sensors help the vacuum to spot where to clean, the side brushes remove debris from sides into the dust cup. With Robovac 11+, you can schedule your cleaning sessions or for instant cleaning, there is a remote control.


Eufy Robovac 11+ is not less than its competitors given its huge list of amazing features. Known for its functionality and performance, this unit is best to clean the house.

BoostIQ Technology

Eufy Robovac 11+ keeps floors spotless with its new feature i.e. BoostIQ technology. When it comes to greater vacuuming strength to clean the floors, this unit increases the suction power automatically to 1000pa and does effective cleaning. A combination of rotating side brushes with redesigned rolling brush makes a perfect ensemble and creates a powerful suction wherever Robovac passes.

Improved front bumper

With its improved front bumper design, Robovac glides smartly under and around furniture, beds and couch etc. Its low profile design is only 3.1 inches that allows it to go under the areas other vacuums fail to. Additionally, the upgraded front bumper and suction power sucks all the debris, dust and dirt etc. conveniently to offer cleaner surface without any hassle.

Comes with remote control

Do you want a remote to control the vacuum? The Eufy Robovac 11+ gives you control over the cleaning session as you can set a time for it to move room to room. Whether you want instant cleaning or scheduled cleaning, remote does that all.

3 point cleaning system

The unit is equipped with a 3 point cleaning system which is definitely a smart addition. The rolling brush traps dust and dirt while creating a powerful suction on the stubborn floors and piled carpets. To make sure the Robovac cleans effectively and thoroughly, such cleaning technology proves really beneficial. Make your life easier with smart and innovative technology to get exceptional results.

Automatic cleaning

Robovac is an automated house cleaning robot that moves around your home automatically when you set the cleaning schedules. Not only do its multiple cleaning modes ensure effortless cleaning, but also clean thoroughly while you are busy in other tasks. The low profile design enables it to go under furniture and remove dust from hard to reach areas. To move over medium pile carpets, its upgraded wheels work best and climb up to 0.59” high to go to the next room easily.

100 minute cleaning

Now this feature is awesome to ensure hassle free clean up of the whole house. Set the cleaning session and make it move on the standard mode on hardwood floors, wait for 100 minutes and it will clean the house efficiently.  Robovac makes you enjoy a spotless home with just a single charge given the fact that your house is not big enough or else you have to charge it with the charging pin to resume cleaning again.

Drop sensing technology

Featured with drop sensing technology, it helps the robot avoid falling on the stairs. With its infrared sensor, it detects obstacles coming in the way and the body is covered with anti scratch tempered glass for extra protection.

Who should buy this?

The Eufy robovac 11+ is designed to clean your house with a single click and also because it is a low cost model, even an average household can buy it. For frequent vacuuming, The Eufy is a right option as it drives itself around your home, cleans up clutter and debris beautifully. Although this vacuum lacks in Wi-Fi connectivity, it still performs brilliantly but you have to tell it where to move as it cannot navigate automatically in the direction you want. Plus, like other vacuums it is not capable of stopping where you want it to. While some households require the vacuums to operate via Google Assistant, it is not a suitable option for those. Do you have pets at home? Do you need to remove pet hair and fur? Robovac might not be the right choice and it would be reasonably a wrong pick in that case.


  • Comes with anti scratch tempered glass
  • Redesigned rolling brush with rotating side brushes to reduce trapping
  • The front bumper makes sure to offer smooth movement
  • Exceptional quality and innovation
  • Multiple cleaning modes and auto scheduling


  • Gets stuck under chairs
  • Not suitable for pet hair
  • Doesn’t pick litter hair and food crumbs


The Eufy Robovac 11+ is an entry level vacuum so priced quite reasonable to fulfil the needs of average household. While it is an affordable helper, it is great inside small to medium sized houses. Although it won’t clean stairs or upholstery, any flat surface like hardwood floor or carpet is cleaned with utmost perfection. Its suction works great and even creates a powerful impact where there is more dust accumulated like under bed or furniture. Whichever robot vacuum you choose, just make sure it has a powerful suction to not leave the dirt and dust behind.

Perhaps, make your requirement list and see if all the features mentioned here are suitable for you. Since it is not a high end vacuum to do an effective mapping and navigation, it does works when you take control in your hands. Schedule it for cleaning when you are in the office and come back to see a stark-clear house with nice surroundings. A dirty house makes you feel low but if Robovac is there, it would definitely be a great addition. Let it be a capable performer under your guidance as well on the weekends, maybe!

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