HOOVER UH71250 Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum Review

To choose the right vacuum cleaner, a lot of factors are there to consider. If you have an average house, you need a stick vacuum to move from floor to floor whereas for bigger homes, an upright vacuum is required for complete cleaning. However, to choose the right type of vacuum, look at the basic components like the floor type, which areas you need to clean, vacuuming schedule, and then think about other aspects.

If you have pets at home, don’t forget about them as they tend to leave a lot of hair behind on the carpets and floors. The vacuums designed to deal with pet hair make cleaning an effortless and convenient task while giving you an easy life. So it is worth investing in a quality product i.e. The Hoover WindTunnel 2 Whole House Rewind Upright Vacuum. This is an affordable vacuum cleaner that is enjoying fair reviews and ratings from the customers given its high tech features and functions. But, as found this vacuum is a little heavy and bulky that makes it difficult to move freely. While cleaning the large room, the power cord is a bit short to give a frustrating experience if you have less time. Nonetheless, this is a genuine product for pet owners and allergy sufferers.


For decades, Hoover is a trusted company which has been launching complete home cleaning solutions for busy households. They believe in improving the technology of their vacuum cleaners while keeping the design factor high. Hoover WindTunnel 2 bagless corded is an upright vacuum that makes cleaning easy. Designed in beautiful blue color, the front body is transparent and the base has different settings. To pick debris and dust from the hard floors, switch the knob to that side and for carpets turn it otherwise. Other than that, the wheels are crafted in a way to deliver smooth manoeuvring around the house.  The appearance of this vacuum is a testimony to the quality and ease of use Hoover offers to its customers.


Perfect for whole home cleaning, Hoover WindTunnel gives you major cleaning goals from floor to ceiling. Let us dig deep into the feature list:

Suction power

Probably, Hoover WindTunnel has a very strong suction with an outstanding pickup. With its advanced multi cyclonic technology, this vacuum cleaner gives you a continuous cleaning experience. As you switch the vacuum from carpets to floors, it doesn’t lose suction rather creates a powerful suction wherever most required. As you may know, the machine has great pickup that makes it easy for even the beginners to clean the house with ease. While the suction loses control if the filters are dirty or clogs somewhere along the air path, you should make sure to clean the filters often.

Pet turbo tool

Most vacuums today are equipped with such a functionality which works wonderfully on pet hair. Whether it is a carpet or hardwood floor, the pet turbo tool removes stubborn hair from everywhere including the stairs and upholstery. It is indeed capable of wiping off pet hair from deep within the carpets. As the name says, “Whole House Rewind”, this vacuum cleans the bare floors, couches, ceilings, fans, wall edges, carpets and window sills etc.

Brushroll controls

The Hoover WindTunnel comes featured with a motorized brushroll with on/off controls. To make it easier for you to access the vacuum, the on/off controls are operated via foot pedal and perform incredibly on both carpet and bare floors. Talking about on/off controls, the bare floors are vacuumed by keeping the brushroll off to make sure the dirt or dust doesn’t spread with the brush. And with the brushroll on, the dirt is loosened from the carpet and pulled off by creating a powerful suction.

Height settings

5 different height settings are there in the Hoover. On top of the vacuum nozzle, there is a dial with which you can raise and lower the nozzle depending on the cleaning height. Like for an example, to clean the floors, you need to lower down the nozzle whereas for carpets, the nozzle has to be raised up to create an effective suction. To clean different surfaces, these settings come in handy. For hard floors, setting 1 works and then 2 through 5 are for low pile, medium pile and high pile carpets.

Cyclonic technology

Hoover is featured with cyclonic technology to create 2 channels of suction. With this technology, the suction gets uniformly distributed across the nozzle which then picks up dust and debris efficiently to deliver better cleaning results. Since this unit is bagless, cyclonic technology sends the incoming air through cyclonic cylinders which spins the air rapidly. Plus, this technology keep the filters cleaner for long, therefore, there is no loss of suction.

Auto cord rewind

Now this is a very useful feature with which you don’t have to wrap/unwrap the cord while vacuuming. It has an auto rewind feature that allows you to pull out as much cord as you require cleaning the house. For an example, the room is small and for that you can pull only that much of the cord and put it back by pressing pedal with toe and the cord rewinds back. Isn’t it an awesome feature?

HEPA filtration

HEPA filtration is the most preferred feature in all the vacuums. With this technology, the filters trap the allergens from air and seal them inside the vacuum while not spreading them in the open air. While HEPA filter is perfect to suck pet hair and wonderful for allergy sufferers, complete care should be taken to keep the filter running for long. When it comes to HOOVER, the HEPA filter is designed with 3 years warranty.


  • Really affordable and convenient to buy
  • Works commendable on pet hair
  • Retractable power cord
  • Long hose up to 16 ft. for extended cleaning
  • HEPA filtration to control pet odor and allergens


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Short power cord, you might have to plug in/out in larger rooms

Should you buy this?

Although it has been enjoying mixed reviews from the customers and critics, you should definitely buy this vacuum if you want a genuine product to serve you for longer. Some people argue that the power cord could be longer but considering its other nice features, it is a very good unit that will get the job done laudably.


With a very attractive price, the Hoover Windtunnel 2 is surely the one stop solution to fulfil all your cleaning needs. While it has become the best seller in quite a little time, you will be happy with the way it cleans the whole house. This model from the house of Hoover is recommended if you are looking for entire apartment cleaning. While it delivers great suction, good air filtration, flexible hose and wide cleaning head etc. this unit is not to miss for. Get access to this top-notch vacuum cleaner and take your cleaning to a whole new level. Although it is equipped with such features, the noise might irritate you at times. Also, emptying the dirt cup is quite a situation!

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