iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum Review

When you think of home cleaning, the very first thing to come in mind is vacuuming. Since vacuum cleaners manage all the fuss and mess, it has become an important part of our lives. They do the efficient cleaning of the whole house including stairs, upholstery and carpets etc. With so many vacuums to choose from, it is pretty normal to get confused about which model to buy. Well, that depends on your cleaning needs as well as your budget.

If you are a person who likes the vacuum to do everything on its own, Roomba brand has launched some of the finest and impressive units. While today we will talk about iRobot Roomba 690, a high end model that offers a lot at an unbelievable price. Not only is it equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, it also has smart app controls, voice commands via Alexa and Google assistant, scheduled cleanings and much more. Although it is a beginner level unit, it can beat other top notch models with its outstanding performance and modern features.


Circular in shape, Roomba 690 is a smart model encapsulated in a black outer ring where the top is made in silver. Measuring 13 inches wide and 3.7 inches tall, this vacuum cleaner is simple to operate. Also, it offers easy pickup of dirt, dust and debris etc. to ensure optimum cleaning. Its durable perimeter makes it the right unit as it bumps into the walls and then bounces back without any damage. The handy and compact design gets under the furniture well and performs smartly over all the furniture items. No need to lift it up for cleaning as it has robotic controls to work on its own.


Talking about it, Roomba 690 is equipped with awesome features like start, pause, and end button that effectively cleans. Plus, with its home icon, you can control the robot and send it back to the dock to recharge. Let us read the features below:

Dirt detection sensors

Roomba 690 roams around the house, spots the debris with its dirt detection sensors and cleans it off. It runs on a very simple mechanism and doesn’t have any memory feature. That said, it doesn’t stop while cleaning and drives around the house without remembering the layout. By detecting dirt in the hard to reach areas, it never goes out of focus and manages the mess with its three stage cleaning mechanism. Agitate, brush and suck is the basic mantra it follows while cleaning.

Smart app controls

Getting Roomba 690 is the best decision to ever make. Featured with smart app controls, it leaves you relaxed. Once its plugged in the dock, all you need to do us flip it over, pull out the plastic tab from the battery and stick the robot on the dock. Sit back and let the battery get full to make it ready for cleaning after 3 hours. Go to Play Store and download the iRobot app to operate it using onscreen displays to create an account first and then attach it over Wi-Fi.

Alexa controls

To let the Roomba work using voice command, Alexa works wonders. The process is pretty simple as you just have to open the Amazon Alexa app, navigate to the skills menu, choose iRobot home and press the Enable button. The Roomba will start cleaning until you ask it to stop, go back to the dock and recharge itself if it’s out of battery. Plus, you can ask for status updates and where the vacuum is through the Alexa application.

Hardwood floor cleaning

The Roomba 690 perfectly picks up dirt and debris from the hardwood floors within 7 minutes after its start. This unit performs wonderfully even on rice as it does a nice job by cleaning the nooks and corners in a way the other high end models do. On the low pile carpets also, Roomba does a great job as it picks up dry cereals, rice and litter really well. The fine particles are not that amazingly picked up as they don’t get sucked into the bin.

User friendly

Roomba 690 is a user friendly unit with a simple start cycle. You need to press a button to start, it will clean the whole place and once it is done, Roomba will return to the charging base on its own to recharge. No efforts are required on your part and it is all set to clean, there you go! Using the smartphone app controls, the working is quite simple where it takes less than 2 minutes to wipe off the whole debris.

Dual Brushes

iRobot Roomba 690 is featured with two main cleaning brushes. One brush is to loosen dirt and other one to pick it effectively and both the brushes work together to clean your house really well. Any dust, debris, hair and large dirt particles etc. are picked up from the hardwood floors and piled carpets.

Who should buy the Roomba 690?

Coming to the point whether or not should you buy this, it is an affordable product and versatile choice. Its quick cleaning method makes it a must-buy for everyone who is looking to do the whole cleaning without any botheration. We would recommend the Roomba 690 for the price and performance. The only disappointment is the lack of app based steering controls and also it is noisy while cleaning. Plus, another drawback is that you won’t be able to take phone calls while Roomba is cleaning. Lastly, the noise is not a very big drawback because it is not much louder than a traditional vacuum cleaner. However, you can definitely go for this robotic vacuum cleaner to avail its great benefits and features.


  • Wi-Fi connectivity to make cleaning easy
  • Smart phone app controls to schedule cleaning sessions
  • Dirt detect sensors to recognize concentrated areas of dust
  • Quicker cleaning cycles owing to dual multi surface brushes


  • Suction power is not that great on high pile carpets
  • No memory to remember the already cleaned areas


The iRobot Roomba 690 is a right choice to make cleaning a convenient task. With all the features it has, Roomba is one of its kinds that drives around your house looking for the dirt or dust using its detection sensors and clean up with ease. While it is featured with Wi-Fi connectivity, you have the full control over it from your smart phone and other Wi-Fi enabled devices. Plus, it allows you to set up cleaning sessions by scheduling it according to your requirements.

Are you a working woman? Simply schedule it and come back home to see the whole house neat and tidy. While at home, press clean and let it wipe off dirt and debris considerably. The cleaning performance, however, is really strong at a discounted price. Say yes to iRobot Roomba 690 and sweep away debris from corners and edges with its edge sweeping brush that is specially crafted at 27 degree angle to offer perfect cleaning. Also, using its dual mode virtual barrier, it allows control over the areas to clean and takes more than 60 decisions per second to thoroughly clean the surface.

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