Shark NV356E Navigator Lift-Away Professional Review

Making a wise decision on buying a lift away professional vacuum is important to get the right product at your disposal. Exploring the market to look for all the possible vacuums under your budget is actually a challenging task as there are a lot of products to choose from. A vacuum is the best thing to keep the floors clean and as your family walks on the carpets, they leave dirt behind which a good vacuum picks up beautifully. Keeping all the mess cleaned is not possible for every vacuum cleaner so you need to be sure of the model you’re buying to meet your needs.

As a customer, you need to know the basic features of a vacuum cleaner because a vacuum is a real workhorse when it works best in highly messed areas. With flexible cleaning options and affordable price tag, Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional NV356E is the perfect unit you want. Meant for floors and carpets, Shark professional is a multipurpose unit that also includes a HEPA filter. It removes allergens effectively from the air and keeps the surroundings clean. With the swivel steering, it moves in any direction without getting stuck but before rushing into things, let’s read the features in detail.


While this standard white vacuum looks like an ordinary vacuum, the performance is mind blowing. Because of its color, the vacuum is a royal and sophisticated choice for every household at this price. Plus, this model boasts a lift away function that allows you to clean the ceilings, wall edges and corners in an awesome way. Talking about the design, you can separate the canister from the head to do more efficient cleaning on hard to reach areas like stairs, upholstery, and under the furniture. Other than that, the cyclonic design with “no lose” suction makes it the best vacuum cleaner of the era which you should never miss.


For consumers looking for a well deserved vacuum cleaner that performs outstandingly, Shark can be the right pick. Often the customers look for flexibility in whatever they buy and because this unit has a detachable canister, it is one of its kinds. Here goes the list of detailed features:

Maximum cleaning

Thanks to its 2 in 1 functionality, it offers maximum cleaning convenience. With this unit, the whole house and office can be cleaned efficiently whilst maintaining the performance to an optimum level. The toughest spots like ceilings and walls are cleaned with its versatile usage options. Just with the push of a button, convert it into a lift away vacuum for hardest places where a normal vacuum couldn’t reach. To make difficult cleaning a hassle free chore, go for this portable vacuum.

Versatile attachments

For cleaning jobs, all you require is enough powered vacuum cleaner that gets in the nooks and corners with as much ease as it is on bare floor and carpets, isn’t it? When you buy any vacuum, make sure to check the attachments it is equipped with. In the case of Shark, it is featured with versatile attachments like dusting brush, hard floor hero, 8 inch crevice tool and pet power brush which work wonders. Vacuuming is a breeze when you have Shark right at the comfort of your house as it has 1100 watt motor, pet power brush and HEPA filtration.

Powerful suction

With its 1100 watt motor, this upright model delivers powerful suction and picks dirt, dust and debris with perfection. This kind of suction power leaves you satisfied with everyday vacuuming job without making you tired. By offering greatest ease, it is wonderful for floors like carpets, hard wood floors and upholstery etc.

Pet power brush

Shark is a superior unit that customers like especially for the attachments it offers. It has useful cleaning attachment like pet power brush that is suitable to pick up animal or pet hair. Usually, the pets leave fur or hair behind when they walk or sleep on the floors and carpets. And here when Shark comes in scene as its powerful suction extracts out embedded hair deep from the carpets. Plus, with the dusting brush, the hardwood floors look clean because the unit sucks up the tiny debris wonderfully.

HEPA filtration

Shark NV356E is great for allergy sufferers and is the reason why customers rely on this brand. In order to remove allergens from home to improve air quality, this model is one of the best vacuums today. Featured with HEPA filter and anti allergen sealant technology, the Shark Navigator makes sure to give hygienic environment so your family breathe fresh air. To get a squeaky clean house, get your hands on this Shark lift away pro.

Brush roll shut off

This feature is pretty amazing! Shark includes a brushroll shut off button that allows easy switching between bare floors and carpets. While you clean the floors, move to the carpets just with the push of a button for outstanding cleaning. Also, the hard floor hero attachment picks up debris and dusts the bare floors perfectly.

Should you buy this?

No wonder, Shark NV356E is an awesome unit but like all other vacuums, it too has some little flaws. If you are a cleanliness freak and want to clean the stairs with utmost perfection, need to think twice. Yes, the swivel steering makes it easy to manoeuvre around furniture and fixtures, its heavy design can make it fall over while rolling up the cord. Plus, you have to take the handheld unit up to clean the stairs, drapes and wall ceilings. Basically, not that effective for these areas!

Now coming back to the point, you should definitely buy this unit if you don’t need frequent cleaning trips to drapes or ceilings though. Want to clean car interiors? Go for this patented model as it gets into the nooks and corners owing to the swivel steering technology. Having pets at home? Again Shark NV356E is a perfect model to remove pet hair and allergens spread in the air. Plus, to wipe off the tiny particles from the crannies and nooks, this one works great. So all in all, this is a good purchase if you leave the cleaning of drapes and wall ceilings behind.


  • Microfiber pad to clean the fine dust from hard floors
  • Never lose suction technology
  • Canister is lightweight
  • HEPA filtration to remove allergens from air
  • Swivel steering for easy manoeuvring
  • Comes equipped with a gentle brush roll
  • Five year limited warranty


  • Hose is too short
  • Tips over easily so you need to keep a hand on it while using
  • No onboard storage to keep the attachments
  • Edge cleaning is not effective
  • No headlight to see the upcoming dust as it cleans across


To sum up, the Shark Pro is a sturdy cleaning system that can clean almost any type of surface. Be it hardwood floor, carpeted floor or stairs, it does a handsome job. While it becomes a little tough to do high piled carpets, Shark performs really well on standard rugs by sucking out the embedded dirt. Cleaning the house effectively to emptying the bin quickly makes this a value product at a price you won’t regret ever.

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